Saturday, August 20, 2016

Some of the Armor forces I already have painted for Domini so I figured I would post the pictures.

So first up some British Saxon's
Dominian designation Buffalo's in the typical 4 color Army camo pattern.

A shot of the roof top stowage detail

The Buffalo is general purpose APC used mainly by Law Enforcement or Reserve units.

Next up Soviet BTR-60's
Dominian designation Jakal

The Jakal is used by the regular Mechanized Legions of the Dominian Defense Force

Next are a pair of French Panhard AML-245's 
Dominian designation Ocelot

The Ocelot is assigned to Recce Cohort's in Mechanized units, this pair belong to the 13th Legion (Armored) Recce Cohort

British Centurion MK10/1
Dominian designation Rhino

This section of Rhino's is assigned to 1st Turmae, D Cohort, 1st Century, 13th Legion (Armored)

Now a few pictures of projects in the pipeline

Huey's and BTR-152's

Gun jeeps to the right and 106mm RR jeeps on the left

Covert op's figures ( Rebel Mini's Civilian Contractors)
I was supposed to be working on these tonight but it started raining just as I walked in the door from work tonight.

More armed Cultists (Rebel Mini's African well armed militia)


  1. Excellent! I love the Dominion camo, looks just like Brit DPM.


  2. Well I always have liked that pattern, I thought it looked better then ours.

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