Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ok 2nd attempt at a passable woodland pattern camo. I like this one.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

It has been a while since my last update.
My home was hit by lightening at the beginning of September. Finally we have everything back together and I have had time to paint. Here is an NCO of an Armored Infantry Cohort wearing the new trial camo uniform set, with the new brown combat boot.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Got the newest crop of figs primed and ready to paint this weekend. Have more on the way. Even got my 20mm Cold War gone hot, US Army Scout Plt primed and ready to be painted.

Friday, August 26, 2016

I finished up the BTR's that will be a part of the PRR I don't think they turned out to bad. All they need is sealed, a wash applied and then sealed again.

I also managed to get the Covert Operators of Whisper Sqdrn primed and mounted on the painting sticks.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Well I suppose I should give some details about Domini.

Domini thinks of itself as an Empire although in my fictitious world it is just a large Kingdom.
Domini was actually born about 12 years ago as a fantasy campaign setting in the fantasy campaign it is about the size of what was the Soviet Union. I shrank it considerably for this setting.

I racked my brain for years trying to come up with a 3rd world hell hole for AK-47 set in Africa but time and time again I would toss each idea. Then one night I was just going through some old files and saw all my Domini stuff and that was all I needed.

Domini is set in a fictitious world, there is no US, Russia or China which makes it easy to paint camo patterns and use what vehicles I want without worry. Now there will be countries that will take the place of those three plus Britian and France but that is still on the shelf.

Domini has a thriving economy, is ruled by an Emperor or Empress ( They like to think big in Domini) It is a hereditary rulership. The rest of the Gov't follows along a British model although in the end all power rests with the current ruler.   For the most part the current ruler allows the lower house alone unless there is a gross over step of some sort. The Empire still pays homage to noble titles as well.

The Dominian people are descended from Romans and the Dominian Defense Force  honors that heritage to this day. You will find no divisions in its army although on occasion there will be Army Groups the biggest unit is a Legion.

So a list of  the DDF unit structure and their equivalent American unit name

Legion - A little bigger then an American Brigade during the 80's. 
They are self sufficient having, Armor, Infantry, Artillery, Engineers and Supply and Support including aviation elements.

Century - Battalion 
Cohort - Company
Turmae - Platoon

Squads, Sections and Fire Teams are the same.

The DDF also have 2 Special Forces units.
The first is Whisper Squadron these are the guys that are called on when things need to be erased. Masters of recce and intel gathering and assaults on special targets, assassinations and battlefield sniper support.
 The second belongs to the Dominian Marine Corps they are a cross between the US Force Recon and Navy Seals but more on them later.

The next game I am preparing for will use Whisper Squadron troops on a cross border raid into the PRR to capture a couple of HVT's. I will be using the Civilian contractor figs for them but thats for another post though. 

Ok since it was raining I decided to work on the BTR-152's belonging to Domini's belligerent neighbor The People's Republic of Rhendosia ( Working title) so here you go.

Here they are, base coated in plain olive drab

I then over coated them in a German Camo Dark Green since I wanted them to have a different look from the DDF. I will let these dry over night and then put on a camo scheme I am going to go with a earth brown and black making them a three color pattern. then some detailing and dry brushing and a wash and then they will be ready. Hopefully I'll get that all done tomorrow. 
Some of the Armor forces I already have painted for Domini so I figured I would post the pictures.

So first up some British Saxon's
Dominian designation Buffalo's in the typical 4 color Army camo pattern.

A shot of the roof top stowage detail

The Buffalo is general purpose APC used mainly by Law Enforcement or Reserve units.

Next up Soviet BTR-60's
Dominian designation Jakal

The Jakal is used by the regular Mechanized Legions of the Dominian Defense Force

Next are a pair of French Panhard AML-245's 
Dominian designation Ocelot

The Ocelot is assigned to Recce Cohort's in Mechanized units, this pair belong to the 13th Legion (Armored) Recce Cohort

British Centurion MK10/1
Dominian designation Rhino

This section of Rhino's is assigned to 1st Turmae, D Cohort, 1st Century, 13th Legion (Armored)

Now a few pictures of projects in the pipeline

Huey's and BTR-152's

Gun jeeps to the right and 106mm RR jeeps on the left

Covert op's figures ( Rebel Mini's Civilian Contractors)
I was supposed to be working on these tonight but it started raining just as I walked in the door from work tonight.

More armed Cultists (Rebel Mini's African well armed militia)